Public space

Down at coal mine no. 5, sculptural installation, h. 1.85 m, fish buoy, rope, hose, steel, Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, 2018

'Landmark', Cabo Verde, 2017Flag for Praia Grande, sculptural installation, h. 0,87 m, wood, plastic, rope, fish bones, Cape Verde, 2017

Untitled (Landscape), photographed composition, pigmented inkjet print, 0,61 x 0,89 m, 2015

SLab car, sculptural installation, rainwater, organism, pump, plastic foil in the trunk of a car, IJmuiden, 2010

KultFlux, collective work, floating installation of wooden beams (12 pcs of each 2.40 m) in river Neris, approx. 40 x 265 m, Vilnius, 2008


Dominee (pastor) of herder (shepherd), sculptural installation, h. 2,4 m, rubber tires, steel, bitumen, inner tubes tractor, steel, agricultural plastic, sheep, Waverveen, 2008