Spitsbergen- Barentsburg

Die Müdigkeit kommt

Artistic research on Svalbard (Spitsbergen), 2018

I look at the northern landscape in its current climatic form. With a question as departure: W
hat is exactly seen by scientists who investigate the transience of this polar region? 

From the viewpoint of a visual artist and a sailor I archive personal finds, photos, film, existing documentation, ecological experiments, and studies of archaeologists who specialise in Arctic mining. My research leads to site-specific work and concepts for collaborative projects.

Ships pass by, still searching for small and monumental things that happen.

Movement of ice, sketches by Maarten Loonen, ecologist at the Arctic Center*

*The Arctic Center (University of Groningen, NED) gives insight into the complexity of measurement data that claim a future perspective within climate change.

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