Research material, Arctic Centre, University Groningen

Die müdigkeit kommt, artistic research on Spitsbergen, 2018

Art project to investigate the impermanent landscapes of the Arctic Circle. A journey on board of sailing vessel Noorderlicht.

In addition to duties as second mate i work on an art project titled: Die müdigkeit kommt. The artistic process focusses on finiteness of the landscapes in its current climatic form; based on personal finds, archaeology, research material and technology that measures the impermanence.

Seafaring and exploitation
Willem Barentz discovered Spitsbergen (16th Century) by finding a northern sea passage. Exploitation of coal is one of the main activities. My interest directs to the past and current use of resources and the relation to climate change.  

Arctic Centre
Dr. Maarten Loonen, engaged ecologist and tutor at the Arctic Centre at the university of Groningen, listens to questions to prepare this artistic research. He gives insight in the complexity of measures data that predict a common future perspective. 
Basic knowledge, sketches by Maarten Loonen


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